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Chommies for our people*

Chommies is our team. 

85% of our staff are women. Chommies manufacturing provides sustainable work to around thirty skilled craftspeople in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. Some of our artisans work in-house enjoying the camaraderie at Chommies Headquarters; while many choose to work from their own homes, making our products at times that complement their lives and recognise their other responsibilities. 

"Inspire people to do their best work in a beautiful, safe working environment."

We adhere to ethical and fair practices. Working in-house or from home, our crafters are offered consistent work to support their livelihoods and are paid above the living wage. All meals and refreshments are provided whilst at work. We pay above maternity leave requirements and provide flexible working hours for new parents transitioning back to work. 

Every inch of our working spaces, from head office to factory, is bursting with mood-boosting colour and functional design, to inspire people to do their best work in a beautiful, safe working environment. 

All of our suppliers are closely vetted for ethical and safe working environments and fair wages.