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About Mo-hey

Ingredients: A herd of happy Karoo goats + environmentally friendly dyes + our community of talented lady knitters.

Method: Hand sheared. Hand spun. Hand dyed. Hand knitted. Strictly no machines.

Result: Our Mohair range is addictive. Buy one, lust after many more. Be prepared to fall in love...


The Process

Our mohair yarn is responsibly sourced from Adéle’s Mohair, a local yarn producer known for their commitment to fair trade and green practices, which adheres to the Responsible Mohair Standards (RMS).

Renowned as one of the world's most luxurious natural materials, mohair offers exceptional warmth while allowing the body to breathe. We obtain the finest mohair fibres from Angora goats that roam freely across the Greater Karoo region and are shorn twice a year. This wool is then skilfully spun into an incredibly soft, lightweight, and silky yarn. The yarn is then naturally dyed in carefully selected colours. Once prepared, it is passed on to our community of thirty knitters, spanning six decades in age, located in Cape Town.

The result is an exceptional collection of knitwear, characterised by its unparalleled quality. Each piece is truly unique, bearing the mark of the knitters’ own individual techniques and handling of the yarn. It is these differences, these wonderful, unrepeatable nuances that make our Mo-hey range so extraordinarily special.



In Every Way

Mo-hey brings a sense of joy and effortless luxury to everyday life. Whether you are grabbing coffee and walking your dog in the morning or enjoying cocktails and chips with best friends in the evening, our range elevates your everyday moments, wrapping you in a cocoon of warmth and delight that transcends seasons and time.

The relaxed fit of our garments makes for a comfortable and flattering wear, suitable for all shapes and sizes. With a kaleidoscope of colour-happy combinations, you can find the perfect match to reflect your mood and style, whilst becoming an enduring part of your wardrobe.

With each wear, get ready to fall in love with your Mo-hey over and over again.


Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water. Gently squeeze but do not twist. Lay flat to dry while avoiding direct sunlight.


Custom Orders


All items are available to order bespoke, tailored to specific sizing requirements. Just send us your size and the style name when ordering, or come in to our Cape Town store to be measured. Custom sized orders are quoted on a case by case basis, starting at an additional cost of R1,500.


Custom colours can be ordered, quoted on a case by case basis starting at an additional cost of R750.

Please note there is a no returns policy on custom orders.

Get in touch for custom orders at