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Chommies is for (all) dogs & the people who love them. 

Chommies for life* is part of our company-wide goal to generate even a smidge of the joy that dogs give us; whether that’s through maximum colour, conscious care or considerate manufacturing. 

Our four pillar Impact Programme aims to uplift and inspire the communities around us, and make the city we live in more dog-friendly.

The chommies of our chommies are our chommies, for life. 


Our Chommies Impact Programme:
1. Chommies for dogs
2. Chommies for the environment
3. Chommies for our people
4. Chommies for community

Chommies for dogs*

Dogs make lives better. And there are some incredible people dedicated to making dogs’ lives better. 

Our Chommies for life* programme supports them in the important work they do. 

We’ve started in our own backyard by partnering with local animal welfare organisations and community projects in Cape Town and the surrounds.

The Underdog Project

A registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation, The Underdog Project works with vulnerable children and dogs in Cape Town. In their mutually-beneficial workshops, at-risk youth learn life skills through therapeutic, animal-assisted activities that simultaneously socialise and train shelter dogs for a better chance of being re-homed.

10% of the proceeds from our Mount Nelson x Chommies collaboration are donated to The Underdog Project. All donations from Chommies support the Peer Leader Programme which teaches leadership qualities and prepares their young participants for their transition into the workforce. Visit their website if you’d like to learn more or support them directly. 

Sidewalk Specials

Sidewalk Specials is a dog rescue organisation in De Doorns in the Cape Winelands that helps township-based families care for their pets through free vet care, sterilisation and dog kennels. 

Each sale from our Rainbow Collection provides a De Doorns dog with a much-needed clinic visit which includes sterilisation and vetting.

Visit Sidewalk Specials if you’d like to learn more or support them directly. 

Chommies for the environment*

A happy dog is a dog in nature. We recognise the importance of the great outdoors for the well-being of our dogs, and ourselves. So we’re constantly seeking new ways to minimise our impact on the planet that we so love. 

90% of our materials are locally-sourced and we only use genuine vegetable-tanned South African leather. 100% of our manufacturing takes place in South Africa with a focus on handmade craft.

We upcycle all of our rope and leather offcuts, and offer a Chommies Product Refresh Service that invites you to bring your pre-loved Chommies items back to us where they’ll be repaired and refreshed for you, or shined up to be distributed to dogs in need.

"We're constantly seeking new ways to minimise our impact on the planet that we so love."

We avoid single-use plastic consumer packaging by sending all our products home with you in beautiful fabric packaging that can be kept and reused.

Our product quality, together with accurate and descriptive information, ensures our very low return rate. We’re always working to lower this rate even more to lessen the impact of shipments on the planet. 

Chommies for our people*

Chommies is our team. 

85% of our staff are women. Chommies manufacturing provides sustainable work to around thirty skilled craftspeople in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. Some of our artisans work in-house enjoying the camaraderie at Chommies Headquarters; while many choose to work from their own homes, making our products at times that complement their lives and recognise their other responsibilities. 

We adhere to ethical and fair practices. Working in-house or from home, our crafters are offered consistent work to support their livelihoods and are paid above the living wage. All meals and refreshments are provided whilst at work. We pay above maternity leave requirements and provide flexible working hours for new parents transitioning back to work. 

"Inspire people to do their best work in a beautiful, safe working environment."

Every inch of our working spaces, from head office to factory, is bursting with mood-boosting colour and functional design, to inspire people to do their best work in a beautiful, safe working environment. 

All of our suppliers are closely vetted for ethical and safe working environments and fair wages. 

Chommies for community*

The Chommies Club aims to link the dog community through local meetups, walks, or curated intel on the dog-friendliest places to stay and play. 

Let’s get together, get outside, and make the most of a life lived with dogs.