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Meet Pieter Bruwer & Hannah

Meet Pieter Bruwer & Hannah

Pieter Bruwer is the co-founder of House and Leisure and LOOKBOOK Studio. We share his passion for design, dogs and Africa! We recently had the pleasure of collaborating on the first edition of Dog and Leisure - don't forget to pick up your copy! In the meantime, we got chatting to Hannah, his Italian Greyhound, about their life in Cape Town and guilty pleasures.

How would you define yourself in three words?
Hannah: Extrovert, love-filled yet discerning, and a connoisseur of life’s finest comforts.

How do you show you are happy?
Hannah: I express my happiness by leaping onto my humans, showering them with hugs and kisses. 

Do you have a secret talent?
Hannah: Why yes, I do! I have a knack for athletic feats and a certain natural beauty. I can leap over obstacles with grace, run like the wind, and strike a pose that’s quite fetching. Plus, I have an uncanny ability to communicate exactly what I want—like a furry little mind reader!

Do you have a naughty habit you are working on kicking? 
Hannah: Well, let’s just say I have a slight aversion to rain when nature calls. I’m diligently working on overcoming this but it is a real test of willpower. And I hate to disappoint!

What do you like most about your humans? 
Hannah: Ah, where do I start? Well, I adore their kindness, of course. And those boundaries they set? They keep me in line (most of the time). But above all, it’s the endless supply of warm, cozy spots to curl up in that really steal my heart. They’re basically professional snuggle providers.

What star signs are you? 
Hannah: Well, I’m a Leo, a blazing "fire sign" known for my passion, loyalty, and flair for the dramatic. My dad Pieter is an Aquarius and brings a refreshing breeze to my fiery spirit. And let's not forget my other dad, a Scorpio, with his intense and spirited outlook, adding depth to our cosmic family. It’s like living in a soap opera but with more treats!


Where is your favourite spot in the house, and why?
Hannah: Ah, my sanctuary—the cozy haven nestled between all the cushions on my dads’ bed. It’s where I craft my own little ‘nest,’ I think I am the only Greyhound with a nest. It’s my safe place, especially when I’m alone or feeling a bit scared. It’s like my own personal cloud.

Where do you sleep at night?
Hannah: I’m nestled snugly under the duvet, right beside my humans! When my head is covered I feel safe and happy.

What do you do for fun?
Hannah: Hiking is my ultimate joy, but I must tell you about my pandemic passion project—the ‘feather run! I chase a long feather duster across the lawn, round and round, almost like catching a real bird without the unintended consequences. Pure bliss!

What do you most love about your city?
Hannah: Oh, Cape Town, what’s not to love? It’s beautiful and the people are so friendly, embracing furry friends like me with open arms. 

What’s your favourite walk?
Hannah: Lion’s Head, where I can just run and run and run. It’s like a never-ending playground for my paws.

What are your favourite cafes, restaurants and shops?
Hannah: I don’t like restaurants, it’s way too noisy and busy for me. Home is where the heart (and treats) are! 

Best weekend getaway spots? 
Hannah: Ooh, it is definitely in Franschhoek when I go and visit Gatsby, my “Jack Russel” boyfriend. He has a huge garden and we play all weekend. He is stronger, but I am much faster. It’s like a romantic comedy, with lots of tail-wagging.

Have you ever been on an airplane? 
Hannah: Yes, once when I was a puppy flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I was so scared. I didn’t know where we were going and was without my mum. I had to say goodbye to her. It was horrible. 

Do you like to get styled or prefer au naturel? 
Hannah: Ah, grooming—us Italian Greyhounds, we’re inherently clean creatures, a bit more feline in that regard. While I may not require much fuss, I do appreciate the occasional shower to keep up appearances. But the real treat? The blissful brushing session that follows, leaving my coat sleek and shiny. It’s like a spa day, but better!

Do you have a style icon? 
Hannah: Oefff, the wife of the French President, Brigitte Macron! She is so stylish and chic.

What music are you currently enjoying?
Hannah: I think it has to be Lana del Ray …. that voice!

Food that you go weak at the knees for?
Hannah: While biltong makes me go ballistic, I must confess my weakness for more wholesome fare like raw sweet potatoes and carrots. They’re like little bites from heaven!


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