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Care Instructions


  1. Our products are designed to be hard-wearing and therefore come with a 6-month product warranty valid from the date of purchase providing you have proof of order or the original receipt. 
  2. If you discover a manufacturing defect (which can happen as all our products are handmade) within the 6-month period, we will happily repair or replace your product. Please contact us at to schedule a repair assessment and we’ll be in touch regarding the next steps.  
  3. When you contact us to schedule a repair assessment or return an item to us, please include the following information:

- Order number; - Your contact number and email address;- Reason for the return/exchange or details of the fault, where applicable.- Please include photos if relevant;- Item you wish to exchange your current item for, if applicable.

  1. You can drop off any product you wish to return or exchange at any one of our store locations. 


  1. Our 6-month product warranty does not cover instances where your pet has chewed and thereby damaged their leash or collar. Our team is however more than happy to assess the damage to the leash or collar and provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs. 


  1. If you have purchased a product from us that has been well-loved but is outside of its warranty, please bring it back to us and we will refresh your collar or leashes. 
  2. This refresh service includes cleaning, re-whipping and polishing of the brass fittings. The brass fittings are the most expensive parts of our products, by refreshing and reusing your current fittings, you save money in the long run and will be contributing to a more sustainable world, you can even choose new colours! 

Please contact if you are interested in a refresh quote and to book your product in with us. You are welcome to drop your product off at one of our store locations or alternatively courier it to us at your cost.